Who we are


Greenwich Registrars & Data Solutions Limited (formerly Union Registrars Limited) is the pioneer Company in the share registration industry, having commenced operations as a department in the then Barclays Bank DCO (Dominion, Colonial and Overseas).

Since the commencement of its operations in the late 1950’s, the Company has evolved into a strong player with a robust clientele consisting of leading Nigerian corporates and subsidiaries of multinationals. The company serves as an intermediary between its clients and their shareholders by providing a complete range of share registration and data management services. These services include the payment of dividends, organization of shareholders’ meetings, management of shareholders’ records and management of shareholders’ enquiries. Over the years, the Company has grown to cater to the needs of its well diversified clientele and their shareholders, handling both simple and sophisticated portfolios.

Following the nationalisation of Barclays Bank DCO by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 1979, the Bank was renamed Union Bank of Nigeria (“Union Bank”) and the Registrars department continued to carry out its functions as a department within the Bank. On the 6th of February 2003, the Registrars department was restructured and incorporated as a private limited liability company thereby becoming a full-fledged subsidiary of Union Bank.

In June 2014, Union Bank divested from the Company in compliance with the Central Bank of Nigeria’s requirement for Banks who do not want to structure their business as a Bank Holding Company, to sell their Non-Banking subsidiaries. The name of the Company was also changed to reflect the identity of its new owner.

GTL Registrars & Data Solutions Limited has over the years built an enviable reputation in the industry as evidenced by the awards received from reputable institutions. Some of these awards include;

  • The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Nigeria award as the “Most Innovative and Customer-Focused Registrar” in 2011.
  • The Lead Africa Award for “Registrars of the Year” in 2012.
  • The African Governance & Corporate Leadership Award for “Best Share Registration Company” in 2012.
  • The African Brand Leadership Merit Award for “Africa’s Leading Share Registration Company” in 2018.